What type of information we gather?


We gather information from the user when a user registers on our website, orders an item, fills information in a form or subscribes us.


You need to provide your name, email address, phone number and credit card information etc. while making an order for the item or to register on our website. However you can surf our website in incognito mode.


Sometimes Google may show you some ads based upon cookies of a user. This is determined by Google which keeps track of websites you visit and products your surf. According to your interest the most relevant Ad is served to you.


There is alternative for users to disable the cookie through Google ad network.


Where can we use your information?   


We may use the information obtained in below manner:-


  • To enhance user experience and user interface

This information guides us to communicate effectively as per user’s requirements.

  •  To enhance features of our website

We keep trying to enhance functionalities and usefulness of our website based upon the feedback received from users.

  •  To facilitate customers with better service

Your information leads us to resolve customer queries in efficient manner and provide excellent support to minimize negative feedbacks.

  •  To accomplish successful transactions

We assure, you that information of customers gathered by our systems will not be used in selling, transferring, exchanging or providing to other firms for the sole purpose of marketing by other businesses without the approval of customers, taking into consideration the delivery of products.     

  •  To conduct surveys, promotional features and offer contests for customers. 

  •  To offer latest packages through Emails.


Agreement by Customers:-


This is the consent of customers for privacy policy. 


In case we update our privacy policy, we will revert here.


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Contact no. -  1-984-464-0505